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The Pennsylvania Railroad—Indianapolis

The Pennsylvania Railroad—IndianapolisThis is a view of downtown Indianapolis from a spot on the west side—along the former Pennsylvania Railroad. While the westbound locomotives carry the Penn Central logo, Conrail has been in operation for ten days when this image was made.

The Big Four/New York Central can be seen toward the left hand side of the frame; the two formerly competing roads (which would go on to form the Penn Central in 1968) converged to cross over the White River and share trackage into Union Station.

Image by Richard Koenig; taken April 10th 1976.

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Alco RS1 with Pedigree

Alco RS1 with PedigreeThis unit, seen here at the South Hopkins Coal Company in Nortonville, Kentucky, has some interesting history.

It was built for the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific in May of 1943 and given a number of 743. It was later owned by several companies, including the one here, but eventually ended up at the Oklahoma Railway Museum. There it was put back in its original paint scheme and number, which is a wonderful thing indeed.

Please go to this webpage of the museum to read more about this interesting locomotive and its full history.

One image by Richard Koenig; taken March 25th 1976.

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