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33 Inspiring Writing Podcasts to Subscribe to Right Now

In the last decade, podcasts have exploded in worldwide popularity.

From celebrities like Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey from “The Office” to your 15-year-old nephew, everyone seems to have a podcast.

There’s a reason podcasts are so popular. Their versatility, accessibility and ability to transport, educate and empower is hard to beat.

For writers looking to bust writer’s block, hone their craft or spice up a boring commute, there’s no shortage of podcasts from amateurs and experts alike. 

But writer beware: You might find yourself binge-listening for hours.


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What Is an MFA? Plus, Should You Get One?

You know you want to write for a living, but you don’t quite feel qualified to go out on your own and try it yet. Or, perhaps, you have an unfinished manuscript that could really benefit from peer input. Or you may want to explore several different genres to see what type of writing sticks the most. 

Enter the MFA. A master’s degree in creative writing can offer you all of these things and more. 

Let’s explore all aspects of this specialized degree, starting with the question that may be on your mind: “What is an MFA?”


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NaNoWriMo and Beyond: 9 Writing Challenges for Novelists, Poets and More

Do you have trouble making time to write? Do you wish you had a community to help you work towards your writing goals, including staying on time and finishing your work?

Many writers sign up for writing challenges to help them solve these problems and write a large body of work in a short amount of time — or even to build their practice and discipline of writing consistently.

Besides completing work you can be proud of, participating in writing challenges is amazing because you get to work alongside a group of other writers who all share the same goal: finish that novel, finish that picture book, or write those short stories and poems. You support each other and hold each other accountable.

Writing challenges that will push you forward


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AP, Chicago, APA or MLA? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Writing Style Guides

Early in my writing career, I discovered a troubling truth about those arguments I’d had in my (very, very cool) adolescence about spelling, commas, pronouns and other conundrums of the English language.

No right answers exist.

No definitive tome rules over all of English to set the record straight — in part because the contradicting rules each have merit in some situations. 

Instead of a single set of writing laws, we have style guides. These magnificent manuals tame the whims of writers and place boundaries on the problematic potential of our language. And, yes, tell us whether or not to use an Oxford comma.

Professional writers should know how to pick a style guide, which guide is standard for which types of writing and how to use a style guide to polish your writing (and impress your editors).


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It’s The End of an Era: Microsoft Word Says 2 Spaces After a Period is Wrong

Do you use one or two spaces after a period?

Sorry for derailing your day and that of the poor non-writers in your household. I know you’re duty-bound as a wordsmith to engage in a raging debate about sentence spacing now that I’ve brought it up.

Maybe this will snuff the flames on this decades-old dumpster fire: Microsoft Word, that powerhouse in word processing, has finally weighed in on the great space debate. Its verdict? Two spaces after a period is out.


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Yes, You Have To: 6 Legitimate Reasons to Create a Book Outline

Writing a book is beyond hard. Those of us in the thick of the book writing process know that.

Which means if there’s something that can make the entire process easier, we’d likely hop on it as fast as possible. Luckily, that very method exists and it goes by the intimidating name of outlining.

If you’re not sure what an outline is, you’re not alone.


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